For me, Yoga is a very private almost spiritual thing. For the past few years Libby has been my yoga instructor leading me through knowledge and practice in a calm supportive peaceful voice that makes her instruction so powerful to me.

- Ann C. / Slidell, Louisiana

What can I say about, Libby! She is one of the most amazing yoga therapists and human beings that I have ever had the privilege to work with. She truly walks her walk and is the most knowledgeable, loving and compassionate teachers I know. She will guide you on a path for healing; physically, mentally and spiritually (if you are willing to go there). Working with Libby in the midst of my life, as I had known it, crashing down around me, enabled me to weather the storm and to come through it with a far better perspective. She is a true gift to this world.

- Michelle A. / California

With thoughtful and conscientious consideration for her students, Libby teaches and guides from the Heart embracing the therapeutic blending of mind, body and spirit. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy combined with an asana practice is beneficial in enhancing mental and physical health. I greatly appreciate your heart-based teaching and generous spirit.

- Arleen K. / Mandeville, Louisiana

I have known Libby for several years now as a colleague and a friend. I have not met very many people in this world that are as kind and compassionate as Libby. This makes her a great Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Libby has studied at stellar programs, so her knowledge of Yoga and Yoga Therapy is excellent. But that is not what makes her a great practitioner. It is her heart that makes her so wonderful. Don’t hesitate for a minute to ask Libby to teach you yoga or yoga therapy. She is the best!

- Amy Wheeler / California

I have taken a yoga philosophy class off and on with Libby for the past two years.Her insight into the sutras has made their meaning much more accessible to me.She is kind, light hearted, and easy going – so much so that after a very short time I felt like I was having discussions with an old friend rather than taking a class.I feel that Libby truly lives what she teaches, and she has played an invaluable part in assisting me on my yoga journey.

- Patsy S. / Covington, Louisiana

Libby is a masterful Yoga Therapist. I will often hire her as a consultant for my own client cases. I’ve found her deep knowledge, extensive training, keen insight, gentle intuition and kind wisdom to be of tremendous value. 
I am so grateful! 

- Eve B. / California

My story: I brought my sister and husband to Libby’s Saturday morning class this summer .My sister has done yoga for years and teaches dance on a college level. My brother-in-law has just begun to do yoga. They both raved about the class saying that you encouraged/ taught breathing!!! I love the short talks Libby gives before class to set the intention; they help me “be” in my body during class.

- Babette B. / Mandeville, Louisiana

Above all Libby is authentic and sincere in her heart felt approach to teaching and mentoring Yoga. She demonstrates a deep understanding of the philosophies and practice of Yoga. It is obvious that she has put in the time and dedication to learning, and above all else she walks the walk as far as her own life. She is certified and deeply grounded in Yoga Therapy. Her heartfelt desire to help others is evident to all who meet her. 

- Gary M. / Mandeville, Louisiana