What to expect?

  • You will be sent an intake form to fill out
  • I will talk to you, listen to what your issues and needs are, and ask you about lifestyle, diet, work, etc to get a bigger picture.
  • May have you do a few simple movements, check your pulse, check your breathing patterns
  • Some of the many tools that may be used in your practice are physical postures (āsana), breath work (prāṇāyāma ), chant (mantra), figure or body gestures (nyasam), meditation, visualization (bhāvana), even general lifestyle suggestions like walking, swimming, journal, diet, and other suggestions based on your needs.
  • This first assessment generally takes 1 ½ – 2 hours with a follow up 1-2 weeks later where you will be given a practice or practices to follow daily based on the time you have available. These will be drawn out, explained, and gone over in a private session.
  • Sessions and follow ups may be in person, over Skype or Zoom; or if you have a question about practice on the phone or email which is no charge. 

Where to begin?

Sign up for a free consultation to see if Yoga Therapy is right for you, use contact page.  No former Yoga education is needed. 

If you would like to continue you will be given an assessment form to fill out and set up a meeting to go over that and a small practice to do until I make an individual practice that works with your specific needs and goals, usually within a week.  There is a follow-up class in 2-4 weeks to see if any adjustments need to be made.  As time goes by, the practice will refine and we can meet as often as you feel the need for more refinement or something new has happened that you want to work on. 

You will learn simple and gradual lifestyle changes, healthy boundaries, self-care habits, body movements with breath to open the flow of prāṇa (life force) in your system to move you towards a life of comfort and ease that cultivates your inner strength to help pull through any rough times that life presents.